Noted Before Purchase

Under normal circumstances, orders that have not received a shipping notice for a long time may be due to the wrong delivery address, out of stock or wrong prescription.Please check your mailbox in time or check the trash box for any emails from will contact you via email as soon as possible to check the information and then process your order. 

Please don't worry, if your order does not have a shipping notice and cannot receive our customer service email.You could contact our online customer service, we will reply you as soon as possible and process your order quickly.


1. Please contact us with the normal regular Email address just in case of that we can't receive your email in time or can't send the email to you. Please don't leave these kinda email like the @aol、@yahok、.net or digital email to your order information. We are not responsible if you can not receive our email with those above mentioned email address.

2. When you contact us with your query or problems, in order to save your precious time,  please don't forget to offer us your order number(SD1111), full name you used to purchase, invoice ID or anything that related to your order or we won't be able to help you because usually we don't know who you are by a email.

3. We have updated our tracking system, you can track your order's status with your tracking number on our website >><< If you have trouble doing that, please email us at >>

4. This is our one and only after-sale customer service department >><< If you have any problems with the delivery method / tracking number / return&refund / changes or exchanges /  etc. Please feel free to email us anytime with your question to get help(Excluding Weekends and Public Holidays).


5. We are not the carrier company, we just cooperate with the different carrier companies for the different shipping methods due to the different countries, so we don't and we can't control the delivery speed. If your package was happened to delay into the customs clearings or anything else, please don't panic and contact us immediately, we will contact the carrier company for you at the first place.